About The Firm.

PHARMALEX is a proprietary concern of S.W. Deshpande, a former Joint Commissioner, FDA, (MS). He established Pharmalex in September, 2006 after retirement. He is Graduate in Pharmacy and Law and has now 50 years of experience in the drug regulatory field as a regulatory officer for 33 years and regulatory consultant for 17 years. Pharmalex is now joined by Shri. Nilesh Gandhi, former Assistant Commissioner, FDA (MS) who is graduate in Pharmacy and Post Graduate in Law. He has also extensive experience of 4 years in manufacturing of formulations, 26 years as regulatory officer and regulatory consultant for more than 5 years. Pharmalex offers complete legal solutions in drug legislation and assist pharmaceutical manufacturer, medical devices manufacturers, distributors and retailers in compliance of requirements under drug laws in India. Pharmalex also offers technical support in Good Manufacturing Practices compliance, undertakes technical audit and also provides training to the professionals in various facets of pharmacy. Pharmalex is providing legal and technical advise to all major pharmaceutical industry associations and many leading pharmaceutical companies. The clients include multinational companies, medium scale and small scale industry.